Nordic skiing, a breath of fresh air

Classic or skating, no matter, the most important thing is to have fun.

Thanks to the lightness and flexibility of the material, cross-country skiing is now a practical accessible to all, a source of well being, form and discovery. This is a complete physical activity that develops qualities of skill, balance, flexibility, good coordination, which can be practiced at all ages.

For beginners, the diagonal stride technique which is similar to walking, and it fast becomes the most natural thing in the world. Skating is more demand requires more perseverance. Its technology is similar to a more dynamic approach to skiing. However, the classical style, you gain smooth qualities necessary to practice skating.

Take classes Nordic Skiing

Whatever your preference, a few hours with an instructor will certainly prove fruitful. For discovering the joys of skiing, please take classes ski with the instructors of the Nordic Area Capcir.